Dear angel, please help me find a car park

‘Then the devil left him and behold, angels came forth and ministered to him’  Mathew 4:11

During Lent, we meditate on the life of Christ.  We recognise our sins, and our need for purification.  There is also room for joy.  We must be reminded by the stories of Our Lord during this time, that God will not leave our side.  He will send his angels to be our companions on this journey.

Devotion of our guardian angels has been in existence since the first Christians.  They have an angelic mission in all human life.  Traditionally, they are described as powerful friends, placed by God, alongside each and every one of us.  To accompany us.  We are invited to make friends with them, and get them to help us.  Whether we are baptised, or not, we have our own angel.  They give us courage like in the days of St. Peter when they freed him from prison.  They were there to guard Moses in Exodus 23:20.  They have always delivered   messages from their God.  Their mission is to help men in the face all temptations and dangers. To help us in choosing good rather than evil.   If it is good for ourselves and others, they can also give us material help.  Maybe you have experienced their help? Maybe you’ve been privileged to see one?  Though they have been known to help with warnings about danger, we should never hesitate to ask them for their co-operation in the most menial tasks like finding a car park.  A bargain at the store or the perfect gift for a special someone. We must treat them like we would a good friend.  It is such a pity when we forget or ignore their company.   From the moment of conception, to our death, our angel will not leave our side.   Unlike God, our angels can not read our thoughts, therefore we must talk to them regularly.  We must tell them how we feel, what it is which is on our mind.

Last prison of Sts Peter & Paul, Roma

We can pray to our enemies angels to help us get along better.  For our friendships to be ones which behold better communication skills than before. For the protection of our loved ones.

Ask them to take up to the Lord, our good will and that the spiritual waters of Lent will run deep within our souls.  Let us ask Our Lady who was spoken to by the Archangel Gabriel, to teach us to get to know our angels better particularly this Lent.

O angel of God,

My guardian dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here,

Ever this day be at my side,

To light and guard to rule and guide, Amen.


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