bloom where you are planted

For some ridiculous reason, I’ve never tried this before.

It’s so simple.  

For celery- 

1. Put butt in shallow water and place in warm spot of sun on kitchen bunch or near a window.  Keep topping up water each day.  2.  When you see the centre piece has started to re-grow, place in soil.  The whole plant should grow again.  

For shallots-

1. Place cut roots in glass of water, watch them shoot up and plant as above.

I’m going to try these in pots.

Good for little kids or the green thumb that isn’t! 😉

I hope we all grow closer to God in a small way today.  Maybe by smiling at someone who has caused us pain, because Friday is a day where our Lord knows only too well what it’s like to suffer.  

May we bloom where we are planted and sow love today.

Happy floral Friday!

 Leah ❤️🌹


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